"Steve who?" That's what my son and another musician he plays with said when I announced we're going to the G3 concert this March. "Heard of Toto," say I, "Rosanna?" Sort of. Which seems to typify most people's awareness of Toto, and particularly Guitarist Steve Lukather. 

The back-end of Rosanna could easily be interpreted as a tack-on jam, particularly by those used to the high rotation of the radio version; that and Africa on early fade out, in days when songs over four minutes were counter to networks' desires to cram as many songs into an hour as possible. 

However, without it, the song is musically, emotionally unsatisfactory. Drummer Jeff Porcaro, with his deceptively difficult shuffle groove, needs something punchy to play against to lift the whole thing, rather than the 'with' of the horns and keyboards, or indeed the mid-song lead break. Lukather launches into it off a jazz piano riff at 4:48, pauses, then lets rip. Jazzy hooks, but very definitely a great rock solo.

...Those boys are coming with me to G3, by the way. They think it's G2 and some other guy. I'm picking they'll remember Lukather afterwards just as much as Vai and Satriani. I might also tell them beforehand that whilst Eddie Van Halen delivers the knockout guitar punch in 'Beat It', the guy going the full twelve rounds on the song's great riff is - yep, Steve Lukather.



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