Comfortably Numb

I've been trying to play Gilmour's lead work right for thirty years. Even now, I still pick up stuff that's eluded me technically after all that passage of time. 

Sure, NME threw him into their list, unsurpisingly, but for Shine On You Crazy Diamond, not this. Nothing wrong with that, but both should have been there.

There's no better example than this song to illustrate the argument I've had with many folks over the years about whether the signature of Pink Floyd is Waters or Gilmour (stick Syd on the side for sake of a shorter blog).

Waters wrote much of Pink Floyd's stuff, certainly. But Gilmour took it somewhere unmistakable. And here, in Comfortably Numb, he had more influence than usual. He wrote the music, argued over Waters' too-soft treatment of the verses, eventually winning out in the composition, structure and feel with lead breaks brought in from material otherwise destined for his first solo album. His work dramatically lifts the piece.

If you're unconvinced, 32.8m You Tube views say so.



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